Who is The Parkdale Polymath? Good Question.

This blog, subsequent YouTube Channel and Facebook page, were born of the mind of Chantalle Draycott, who is using it as nothing more than a poster board for rampant self-indulgence, just like the rest of her generation.

Ever endeavoring to connect to her world in some way, Chantalle discovered that not only does the general populace seem to find the innate ramblings of a random person amusing, but readers tend to connect with a glorify those who are honest enough in said ramblings to actually continue reading about their experiences. How… strange.

And so, while venturing into the world of novel writing, and floating uneventfully through her village of Parkdale (a fairly large neighbourhood in Toronto), Chantalle shares thoughts, views, facts and opinions on a plethora of topics including modern hipster society, food and spirits culture, modern and classical literature, political affairs and issues (both domestic and foreign), local events, and of course; personal thoughts and trials.

She’s not asking for your patronage, but should you decide to stick around why not join the conversation by liking her on Facebook, or following her on Twitter? This is after all, something of an exercise in community and intelligence.


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